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The Basics (PSPD100)                                           Cost: Free
Description: This is an introductory course.  Precinct delegates are the frontline of political campaigns. After taking this course you will be able to answer the following:  What is a precinct? What is a precinct delegate and what are the responsibilities of a precinct delegate? Why are precinct delegates important to political parties?  What is the process to become a precinct delegate? How are precinct delegates organized within the political party structure?

Organize Your Precinct (PSPD110)                        Cost: Free
Description: You’re a precinct delegate, now what?  This course is intended to teach you how to be most effective in your role as precinct delegate.  In this course you will learn what are the best tools to identify, register and mobilize voters within your precinct.  We will cover topics including: the use of precinct maps, voter index file, and how to perform a registration canvass.  You will also learn how to recruit and organize precinct volunteers.


Timeline and Communications (PSPD120)      Cost: Free
Description: Countdown to Election Day. This course will help you develop an election calendar.  You will learn about the different types of voting.  You will learn how and when to communicate with other precinct delegates and voters.  You will learn how to develop a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) fact sheet.

Election Day and Beyond (PSPD130)                Cost: Free
Description: This course focuses on preparation for Election Day.  Understanding and planning for the get out the vote effort.  Staying energized and motivated.  Election Day activities including: creating task lists, gathering the necessary materials, and assigning tasks to your volunteers.  After the election activities including: updates to the database and documenting lessons learned.

Leadership in the Precinct Delegate Structure
(PSPD140)                                                                Cost: Free

Description: Each house district has a team of precinct delegates waiting for direction. This course is intended for those interested in filling a leadership ­­position in the precinct delegate organizational structure. This course will teach you how to organize and mobilize the team of delegates through meet and greets, party activism, training, and a coordinated GOTV effort.



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